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As many of you may already know, there are many great tiny house resources popping up across the internet. One that I was recently introduced to is Tiny House Love. It is run by a young couple (Khala & Jaime)


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One resource I thought may help people is a "Building Checklist" post on their blog . Since planning is such a large part of building a tiny house, this may be a good place for many of you to start.


Like many, Khala & Jaime are looking to make their dream of building a tiny house a reality. If you would like to support them, they have a place to help on gofundme.

Open House at the Bayside Bungalow

If you have always wanted to visit a tiny house but never had the opportunity, here it is! Brittany Yunker owner of the Bayside Bungalow in Olympia WA has invited you over on Sunday, August 18. Information below!


Exterior of the Bayside Bungalow, Olympia WA

Exterior of the Bayside Bungalow, Olympia WA

Many people over the past year have asked if they could see the Bayside Bungalow and check out the tiny little house that I now rent out as a vacation rental.  Alas, the time has come for a (tiny) Open House!

Are you interested in exploring, testing, touching, trying, photographing, peeing in (the composting toilet - duh!), measuring & learning more about tiny houses?  Then this is for you!  Learn about how it was built, why I decided to build it, how it works, what goes in (water, electricity & food) and how it all comes out (gray water, urine-diverting toilet system), and most of all - does it fit YOU?  Bring on the questions!  Bring a sketchpad, measuring tape & camera & explore this tiny house.

What: Open House at the Bayside Bungalow tiny house vacation rental
When: Sunday, August 18, 2pm-6pm
Where: The Bayside Bungalow in Olympia, WA
Your host: Brittany Yunker, builder & owner of the Bayside Bungalow

For directions & more info, photos, or to make a reservation, visit www.baysidebungalow.com

Please invite a friend & swing by!  I look forward to meeting you.


Brittany Yunker


Bayside Bungalow Interior

Bayside Bungalow Interior

View from the loft in the Bayside Bungalow

View from the loft in the Bayside Bungalow