Who we are


A wonderful photographer and even better husband. Chris grew up in Saginaw, MI with parents Steve and Julie and sister Stephanie. Chris loves the wild and exploring nature, you can usually find him outside on a hike or on top of a mountain ( camera always in hand). He’s the most generous and loving person I know and my best friend. Chris went to Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, MI for photography and graphic design. 


Country girl gone city and back to the country. Spent the first few years of my life in a small town called Christmas, with my mother and father and two brothers, Randy and Dana. I’m the baby of the family, so I’ve learned from my brother’s mistakes. My dad calls me his favorite daughter.... his only daughter, haha, but still his favorite daughter. I grew up loving to draw and create, and later in life found a love for 3D and Animation. I went to Kendall College of Art and Design where I studied 3D Animation and Graphic Design. Believe it or not, Chris and I didn’t officially meet at the same school that we both were attending, but a train ride to Chicago.

Chris and Malissa Tack

Chris and Malissa Tack


We lived in Michigan for most of our lives, but after college  headed to the NYC where we lived there for 2 years. Chris did his photography and I worked at a small 3D studio. From one ocean to another, we soon headed out west to Washington, where we currently are located, and loving every moment of it. We love it here, the weather is amazing, the trees are huge and the mountains are in my backyard. I could not be any happier, but that could also be because I’m married to the most amazing man I have ever met.

We live each day with new possibilities and amazing adventures in our hearts. And we hope to be able to inspire others to see the light in their life, and find true happiness... it’s worth finding!